COVID19 Chronicles: Worcester’s Community ARCHIVE

 “We will be talking about this for generations.”  Worcester Historical Museum and WPI are collecting stories, images, and videos to broaden our understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting individuals, resulting in a better understanding of this historic event for future generations. As the keepers of shared history, it is Worcester Historical Museum’s mission and commitment to serve as the repository for community … More COVID19 Chronicles: Worcester’s Community ARCHIVE

Samuel Shute – The Governor Who Said Yes

We are including here a biography of Samuel Shute taken from The Dictionary of National Biography (editors Sir Leslie Stephen, Sir Sidney Lee, Oxford University Press).  It was Samuel Shute for whom the so-called Shute Petition was named, the document on which “three hundred and nineteen people either signed or ‘made their mark’ … seeking … More Samuel Shute – The Governor Who Said Yes

The Winter of 1718-19 in Worcester

The following is a chapter excerpt from Charles Knowles Bolton’s Scotch Irish Pioneers:  Cotton Mather had in mind very early that the emigrants from Ulster would be useful settlers on the frontier. In 1718 the village of Worcester could claim a position on the Massachusetts frontier, although it lay only forty miles from Boston. First settled … More The Winter of 1718-19 in Worcester

Five Ships from Ulster, and What They Left Behind

In the summer of 1718, the first organized company of this class (Presbyterians), of which we have any knowledge, left the shores of Ireland in 5 vessels, containing 120 families, for the new world, and arrived safely in Boston, August 4, 1718. Here all was new, the wilderness and the world before them. Imagine this little … More Five Ships from Ulster, and What They Left Behind