Local Organizations

Finding Aids

Online Resources


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  • Daigneau, Clarence P. (1977). Historical Ramblings on Eighty Years of Worcester’s Bohemian Club, 1897-1977. Worcester, Mass.: Printed privately.
  • Fuller, George H. (1940). History of the Odd Fellows Home of Massachusetts. Worcester, Mass.: [s.n.].
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  • Staples, Samuel E. (1884). Historical Sketch of the Worcester County Musical Association. Worcester, Mass.: Private Press of Franklin P. Rice.
  • Williams, Fannie J. and the Tatnuck Ladies Sewing Circle (1927). Reminiscences of Tatnuck. Worcester, Mass.: Stobbs Press.
  • Winslow, Samuel E. (1938). At the End of Fifty Years: An Outline of the Early Beginning and Subsequent History of the Worcester Club, Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester, Mass.: Privately printed.

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