COVID19 Chronicles: Worcester’s Community ARCHIVE

 “We will be talking about this for generations.” 

Worcester Historical Museum and WPI are collecting stories, images, and videos to broaden our understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting individuals, resulting in a better understanding of this historic event for future generations. As the keepers of shared history, it is Worcester Historical Museum’s mission and commitment to serve as the repository for community memory, documenting these times of uncertainty and togetherness.

Please, take YOUR place in Worcester’s history. Not sure how to participate? Think of public signs announcing closures, how your workplace responded to the crisis, stories of city workers stepping up to serve our communities, and any observations you may have on how Worcester is responding. Use the form to type a story or to upload a photo, video, or audio commentary of how you and Worcester have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To contribute to this archive, Visit and share your experience with the Worcester community.

As we continue to maintain responsible social distance, we will close the COVID-19 gap by publishing some of your responses on our website and in Worcester Historical Museum social media.  We also encourage you to hang onto documents, photos, and/or objects you may wish to donate to us in the future when all return to the new normal.

Stay safe, but please share.  

Our city.  Our history!

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