Worcester Historical Museum Publications

Worcester Society of Antiquity (1875-1919)

Proceedings of the Worcester Society of Antiquity

Vol. 1Proceedings for 1877 and 1878 Constitution, By-Laws and Certificate of Incorporation Inscriptions from the Old Burial Grounds  
Vol. 2Proceedings for 1879 and 1880 Early Records of the Town of Worcester, Book I, 1722-1739 Early Records of the Town of Worcester, Book II, 1740-1753
Vol. 3Records of the Proprietors of Worcester, Massachusetts
Vol. 4Worcester Town Records from 1753 to 1783
Vol. 5Proceedings for 1881 and 1882 Records of the Court of General Sessions of the Peace for the County of Worcester, Massachusetts from 1731 to 1737
Vol. 6Proceedings for 1883 and 1884 Proceedings of the Tenth Anniversary of the Society, 1885
Vol. 7Proceedings for 1885, 1886 and 1887 The Abolitionists Vindicated in a Review of Eli Thayer’s Papers on the New England Emigrant Aid Company
Vol. 8Worcester Town Records, 1784-1800
Vol. 9Proceedings for 188, 1889 and 1890
Vol.10Worcester Town Records, 1801-1816
Vol. 11Worcester Town Records, 1817-1832
Vol. 12Worcester Births, Marriages and Deaths
Vol. 13Proceedings for 1891, 1892 and 1893
Vol. 14 Proceedings for 1894, 1895, and 1896
Vol. 15Worcester Town Records, 1835-1848
Vol 16Proceedings for the 10th Anniversary

Worcester Historical Society (1920- 1980)

Worcester Historical Society Publications
It was 1913 when the Worcester Society of Antiquity ceased its regular publication of their Proceedings because of lack of funds. In 1920, the name of the Society was changed by act of the Massachusetts Legislature to Worcester Historical Society and publications resumed. The booklets contain the some of the many papers read before the Society from 1928 until the last publication in 1952. The year 1980 brought another name change. The Society’s name was once again changed to the Worcester Historical Museum. A name which encompasses the vast 3-D and paper/photograph collections acquired since the organizations inception in 1875.

Year published Papers read to the Society
Worcester and Its Newspapers
Biography for Stephen C Earle – Architect and Churchman
The Antecedents of the Worcester Society of Friends
General Henry Knox and the Ticonderoga Cannon
Trail and Pike – A Study in Highway Development

Ellery Bicknell Crane
Adeline May
Major Edward Tilley Raymond
High Points in Early Worcester Politics
Some Worcester Contacts with the Washingtonian
Temperance Movement
The Highland Military Academy

Nathaniel Paine, a Memorial Sketch
Austin S. Garver, a Memorial Sketch
Raymond Bassett Fletcher, a Memorial Sketch
Frank Emery Williamson, a Memorial Sketch
Mrs. Penelope S. Canfield ‘s Recollections of Worcester One Hundred Years Ago
Worcester’s Contribution to the Invention of the Typewriter
Worcester County: Its History with Discussion of Attempts to Divide It
Early Domestic Silver

William Fitzhale Abbot
Matthew John Whittall
Sarah Bennett Hopkins
Joseph Jackson .
John Saxe, ‘ ‘ The Twin Saxes’ ‘
Daniel Henchman, the Founder of Worcester
More High Points in Early Worcester Politics
Among the Schoolbooks of Our Fathers-A Ghost-Walk-
Firearms, Their Evolution and Worcester’s .Part Therein-

James Green, 1841-1926
Levi Badger Chase
Rufus Bennett Fowler
The Story of a Little Dress
Hannah Greene Chase
The Usher Lot, or Land Titles Near Highland Street, Worcester, Massachusetts
What and Why the Forefathers Read, with a Brief Review of the Best Seller of Three Hundred Years Ago

William Trowbridge Forbes
Col. Theodore S. Johnson
Thomas Francis Kenney, M.D
The Procession of the Churches of Worcester
Stephen Symonds and Abby Kelley Foster
Early Charitable Organizations of Worcester
The Reciprocal Influence of the City and County of Worcester in Their Development

William W oodward-Z. W. COOMBS
The Daguerreotype Art and Some of Its Early Exponents in Worcester
Worcester’s Unique Centre School District: A Discursive Study
The Blackstone Canal
A Little Adventure in Local Archaeology
Tools, Trades and an Honest Living in Early New England,
Apprenticeship in Massachusetts, Its Early Importance and Later Neglect
Humanities of North American Indians
George F. Blake, Jr.
Edwin Brown
Alexander Belisle
Richard O’Flynn-A Founder
Backward and Forward Along the Old Worcester Turnpike
Daniel Kent
The Locations of the First, Second, and Third Jails in Worcester County
Fifty Years of the Worcester Historical Society
The Last Fifty Years of the Art Life of Worcester in the Nineteenth Century
Characteristic Elements in American Folk Lore
Prof. U. Waldo Cutler
Charles Irving Rice
The New England Migration
Early Blast Furnace Operations m Worcester County
Franklin P. Rice
Old Worcester Gardens
Some Observations in Regard to Our Earliest Indian Inhabitants
The Bathsheba Spooner Murder Case

Walter Davidson
Some Historical Notes about “Tory” John Murray and His Family
Dr. Paine’s and Other Early Gristmills
Notable Women of Worcester and Worcester County
The Worcester Historical Society as a Community Activity
Some Little-Known Anecdotes from the Bradford Manuscript
Green Hill, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Its Family, The Greens of Green Hill
The Lincoln Farm: Present Site of the Worcester State Teachers College
1943In Memoriam Frank Colegrove
1944Report of the Activities of the Society During the Past Year
1945Romance of Worcester Industry
1946In Memoriam Zelotes W Coombs
William H Cunningham, 1873-1946

Medical Feuds and Quackery in Worcester
The Nameless Grave and the Headless Skeleton: A Middlesex Mystery
Presentation and Acceptance of Captain George Fried Memorabilia to the Worcester Historical Society
A Sketch of the Career of Captain Josiah Richardson: A Famous Captain of Some Notable Clipper Ships
Worcester Historical Society Seventy-Five Years Old
General Rufus Putnam
Forgotten Giant of the Revolution-the Story of Brigadier-General Timothy Ruggles of Hardwick
Mrs. William Trowbridge Forbes
Pearl Street Fifty Years Ago
In Memoriam William J Waite 1869-1950