Buildings and Landmarks

Notable Buildings and Landmarks

  • American Antiquarian Society
  • Bancroft Tower
  • Blackstone River/Blackstone Canal
  • City Common
  • City Hall
  • Elm Park
  • Green Hill Park
  • Mechanics Hall
  • Salisbury Mansion
  • Triple deckers
  • Union Station
  • Worcester Art Museum
  • Worcester Memorial Auditorium


  • Bancroft Hill
  • Belmont Hill
  • Grafton Hill
  • Green Hill
  • Pakachoag Hill
  • Vernon Hill
  • Indian Hill
  • Newton Hill
  • Wigwam Hill

Finding Aids

Online Resources


  • Sawyer, Charles Henry and Louisa Dresser (1946). The Salisbury Houses. Worcester, Mass.: Worcester Art Museum.
  • Warren, Stacy (1987). Housing and Ideology: The Menace of the Three-Decker. Master’s thesis, Clark University.

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